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What is the difference between pure essential oil and synthetics?

A pure essential oil is 100% true to the plant from which it is sourced. It is taken from a single botanical source and mostly extracted by steam distillation.

A fragrant oil is made by blending synthetic chemical compounds in a laboratory to try to duplicate the scent of a flower. It won't possess the healing properties of the plant however. 

Why are some oils so much more expensive than others?

Essential oils are aromatic extracts from specific plant parts such as petal, heartwood, peel and stem. There is only a very small amount of oil in the plant part from which the oil is taken.

Some oils such as Rosa Damascena (Rose) require 30 rose heads to produce 1 drop of pure essential oil. But it's a wonderful oil. 

Why are essential oils mixed into massage base oils when used on the body?

Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids and very potent and are therefore not recommended to be used directly on the skin.

Cold pressed oils are the natural carriers for pure essential oils and can be massaged into the skin in the correct dosage.

Are Essential oils safe to use during pregnancy?

Certain oils are not recommended for use during the full term of pregnancy, especially herbs. A reputable company will outline such warnings on their packaging. 

There are however certain oils such as Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Mandarin which help provide comfort to the mind and body during this time.

Above all make sure you choose a TGA listed oil from a reputable company to ensure its quality before use.

Can essential oils be ingested?

Pure essential oils should not be ingested unless prescribed by a healthcare practitioner.

Read more about essential oils safety here.

Essential Oil safety.

Due to their complex chemical constituents, pure essential oils contain a great deal of healing properties. They are highly concentrated and can be very powerful.

Even though essential oils are natural, they can harm if not used the right way.

You should:

  • keep these oils out of reach of babies & children
  • NEVER ingest essential oils
  • add soap, oil or full fat milk when used in a bath, as essential oils don’t dilute in water
  • flush your eyes out with full fat milk and seek medical advice If essential oils get into the eyes; if the discomfort remains seek medical attention
  • dilute pure essential oils before applying topically over a bigger body part.

If you have a physical reaction due to the use of essential oils, stop using the product immediately. If symptoms persist, contact a medical professional.

Read more about essential oils safety here.